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Truth Discovered

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for everyone.

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Everyone can do jiu-jitsu. There are no requirements to get started, except getting started.

We’re a family-first jiu-jitsu gym with Missouri heart. Our programs are designed for everyone. From youths to older adults and beginners to black belts, you’ll leave Axiom feeling better than when you walked through the door. Ready to be a part of something new? Join us and get started today.

Coach Spotlight

coach Justin Bachman

Coach Justin

Justin Bachman started training BJJ in 2008. He has trained with many different coaches, gyms, and affiliations. He has had to adapt and change with what life threw at him: good and bad. His jiu-jitsu career hasn't been much different.

Currently a brown belt, he is an extremely active competitor in local, national, and international competition circuits. After training at so many different facilities, he has been able to see many different styles, sizes, principles, focuses, lineages, and brands.

Justin believes in the power of the jiu-jitsu community. While we might all fly different school flags and represent different associations, ultimately we are one under the flag of jiu-jitsu. That makes us all brothers and sisters. Brothers and sisters that are trying to make each other better one day at a time!


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